Played by Nigel Plaskitt Monty is our hero - as he’d tell you in a heartbeat.

He’s a know-it-all, over-the-top, impractical whirlwind of a wallaby who likes to be at the centre of things. Monty has been called brave and dashing but mainly by him.
Monty also has a heart of gold. Monty means well, cares deeply about the others and would do anything for them. He is the glue that binds Monty & Co.


Played by Nix Wood Lulu is a lively and mischievous teddy bear.

She is very bright, volatile and feisty. She is 5 years old and is the youngest of the Monty team.


Played by Heather Tobias Eddie is our inventor elephant. The workshop is his domain.

He and his robot assistant Scraps can fix or make anything.
Eddie is practical, unhurried and calm in a crisis — all the things Monty is not. For all that, Eddie and Monty know each other’s strengths and weaknesses, and are ying to each other’s yang. They are good friends. Eddie loves to surprise the others occasionally by trying new things. He does a superb tango.


Played by Hugh Purves and Margot Caroni Gabriella is an extrovert, an all singing-and-dancing, flamboyant flamingo.

She is Monty & Co’s artistic soul. She likes to beautify the house and life with her highly original ideas — which aren’t always to Monty’s taste.
Once, a long time ago, Gabriella was in a show with the Dancing Flamingos. Her dream is that The Dancing Flamingos will join up again. For this reason she must practise and is often found working hard so her dream will come true. Monty finds Gabriella maddening at times but always inspirational.


Played by Ailsa Dalling and John Fenton-Stevens Scraps is Eddie's loyal helper in his workshop and a robot.

Scraps is made out of bits and pieces of junk. He doesn’t speak but communicates clearly by a variety of beeps and flashes of light. He can change expression and register delight, disapproval or bewilderment. Scraps and Eddie understand each other perfectly and work together in perfect harmony — most of the time.


Played by Sally Lindsay Clock is a grandmother clock. She is warm, cheerful, down-to-earth and never judges.

Clock lives in the shop and rings her bell when a customer comes in. Lulu comes to Clock for comfort and advice, as do the others. She’s a wise old Clock indeed and she has a heart of gold.


Played by Hugh Purves and Ewan Goddard Jack is a Jack in the Box.

A free-spirited traveller who likes to get away when things get too much for him in the shop, but is always glad to return to his friends. With him we can go anywhere in the world.


Played by Nigel Plaskitt Snail lives in the yard, in the greenhouse.

He is gate keeper and custodian of the backyard. Snail comments wryly on the goings on at Monty & Co. He has a weakness for eating plants. Snail might be slow physically but he always gets there in the end.


Played by Nix Wood Chloe is a friend to Snail.

She is ever loyal, and in contrast to Snail, she is cheerful and optimistic.


Played by Nigel Plaskitt Charlie Pickle is a Welsh Terrier and Monty & Co’s neighbour.

He’s very shy but being friends with the others helps to bring him out of his shell. When this happens he can prove to be a scamp.


Played by Lynn Robertson Bruce, Nix Wood, Susan Beattie, Hugh Purves, and Olly Taylor, and voiced by Julie Atherton The Singing Petals are daisies Flora, Dora and Laura.

They sing in three part close harmony, and like a Greek chorus, comment on the action in their own gleeful, sharp-eyed way.


Played by Andrew Linnie Sam is a young musician.

He also mends musical instruments and goes out to work part-time as a music teacher, mostly for children.
He is easy-going, self-effacing and loves all manner of music. He encourages the others to sort out their difficulties for themselves and gives them the space to do this. But if needed, he steps in.


Played by Heather Tobias Everyone at Monty and Co. helps Mrs. Rainey as much as she helps them.

Mrs. Rainey is an older lady who lives nearby and is an occasional visitor to Monty & co. She likes to donate items to the workshop for Eddie to re-invent.

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