A new live action TV series for pre-school children

Monty & Co. gives pre-schoolers their very own live action drama series. With comedy and music thrown in, it packs a lot into 11 minute episodes.  The characters are bold and bright.

There’s Monty himself, a whirlwind of a Wallaby who always thinks he’s right.  Lulu is a lively and mischievous teddy bear. Eddie is steady, inventive and practical.  He is also a bright blue elephant. Gabriella can sing and dance better than the average flamingo. They are joined by Snail, Scraps, The Singing Petals, Sam, Jack and Charlie the Welsh Terrier.  Our characters live together as one big happy family, well most of the time, and there is even a family business, repairing and upcycling almost anything from their corner shop.  

Our shows are packed with fun, joy, silliness; all things that small children -- and their families -- will love.


The series is streaming on CBeebies iPlayer in the UK, Kidoodle TV in the USA and MOLA TV in Indonesia.

More territories on the way.

Watch Monty & Co. on the BBC iPlayer